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Tips for acquiring your dream house

Tips for acquiring your dream house

Tips for acquiring your dream house

  1. Work on saving for your down payment.
    Your down payment will impact your interest rate and home loan. Make sure that you save enough money, keep track of your spending, and consult an accountant or mortgage expert on what the best amount would be for your dream house. 
  2. Get pre–approved.
    Getting preapproval from the bank or a lender can help you have an idea of what numbers you are looking at. In Aruba, we have different banks that offer different rates depending on your background, income, location, credit score, loans, and much more.
  3. Prioritize your wants and needs.
    Create a list of desired features and categorize them as must–haves or nice – to have to determine what is essential. When buying a house, there is a tendency of being paralyzed by choice. So, having a list of what you truly want your house to look like – to feel like a warm and cozy home – makes this process easier and straightforward. 
  4. Choose a neighborhood that you like.
    It is important to live in an area where you feel comfortable and at ease. In Aruba, we have a few districts. Noord, Oranjestad, Seroe Blanco, Sabana Blanco, Tarabana, Sabana Liber, Arashi, Sasaki, Wayaca, are more central on the island, while Santa Cruz, Savaneta, Mangel Halto, San Nicolas, Colony, Balashi, and Sero Preto are more on the West side of the island and closer to nature. 
  5. Get a reliable contractor.
    One of the biggest struggles on the island is finding a contractor who is committed to your home. Many contractors sometimes take longer than expected. This is normal, however, considering that there are always things that pop up along the way. However, one extra tip would be to always have little EXTRA savings on the side for any sudden inconveniences or extra costs.

If you are a first time buyer and need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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