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What are the Best Places to Retire in Aruba?

What are the Best Places to Retire in Aruba?

What are the Best Places to Retire in Aruba?

Before buying your house in Aruba, you might be wondering what the best places are to retire in Aruba. The short answer is, anywhere on the island is breathtakingly beautiful. You can’t escape Aruba’s charm and exciting opportunities. However, there are specific spots that might speak to your personal retirement needs.

Retirement Communities in Aruba 
Even though there aren’t many over 55 communities throughout Aruba, there are plenty of unique gated communities. Because of the special requirements for pensioners and retirees, most regular gated communities function as 55+ communities. Some younger people or families live in them, but they are mostly made up of fellow retirees.

Eagle Beach 
One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Eagle Beach. On the resort side of the island, Eagle Beach is busy with tourists every year. However, there are also pockets of residential neighborhoods for year-round islanders. These communities are a bit quieter and don’t have as many tourists.

Eagle Beach has been ranked one of the most beautiful beaches globally–it has soft white sand and beautiful clear waters. If you’re planning on having lots of time in the sand or family and friends visit you on the island, the Eagle Beach neighborhood is ideal for you.

Palm Beach 
Palm Beach is the second famous beach on the island. If you are moving to Aruba to spend time in the water, Palm Beach is the strip for you. You’ll be able to participate in all the water activities, including scuba diving and beach bars, if you live near Palm Beach. This area of the island is the most active neighborhood.

Some of the attractions near the Palm Beach area (other than the beach) include the historic Dutch Windmill, the Butterfly Farm, and the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. The bird sanctuary is an incredibly fantastic nature reserve. If you want access to the beach and the other natural parts of the island, Palm Beach is the perfect spot to do this.

Tierra del Sol
If you want to live a little farther from the beach but still in a fantastic community, Tierra del Sol is an amazing option. Tierra del Sol is one of the largest resorts on the island but isn’t by the beach. It’s nestled amongst the hills and holes of the Tierra del Sol golf course, one of the premier golf courses on the island.

Although Tierra del Sol is a resort, it’s also the area surrounding the resort. There are plenty of private homes and condos to choose from in this area. Please do not that Tierra is one of the more expensive spots on the island, Tierra del Sol is great for golf lovers.

Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba and the largest city. This area is the most urban on the entire island but still within a few miles of the beach. In addition to the malls and shopping strips, there are several historical museums and tours in the cities. Specialty restaurants are also in Oranjestad.

However, it’s not just city life for people who decide to retire in Oranjestad. The city is right on the ocean, so it has its share of beaches and waterfront views. You can get the best of both worlds by buying property in Oranjestad for an active retirement community.

Of the eight regions of Aruba, Noord is one of the nicest and the most affordable. Palm Beach is in Noord, but there are several other places to buy. At the very tip of Aruba, Noord is a lush peninsula with several gated communities and neighborhoods.

If you want the bustle of Palm Beach without the expensive real estate, you can find another small neighborhood in Noord. Property prices are lower the farther away you get from the beach, but every part of the island is beautiful (and no part of the island is very far away at all).

Final Thoughts 
Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. With perfect weather year-round, beautiful beaches, and endless opportunities for activities, Aruba is an amazing place to spend your post-working years. The feeling of relaxation and peace that you have from living this island is one that everyone deserves after years of hard work. The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to living on the “one happy island.”  Hope you enjoyed our blog post on the Best Places to Retire in Aruba.

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